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Assets in Action!

I would like to send a congratulations to Orel of the Tigsource forums for completing his (post)entry into the Assemblee: Part 2 Contest. I’m calling attention to this because I have a particular bias in favor of this game. It used my stuff 🙂 That aside, it’s also a very fun and creative game and I […]

not just a box /002

A box could be anything. That’s the starting point for this concept. A brown cardboard box. We all grew up playing in boxes; boxes that might have contained air-conditioners or Christmas presents. Inside the box was a sanctuary for our lucid imaginations to wander. Last summer, a friend of mine let me listen to some […]

not just a box /001

So here is a concept: What if a racing game had a gameplay mechanic that encouraged the racers to stay close together instead of far apart? It’s a funny little problem racing games have to deal with, the fact that individual race cars tend to distance themselves from each other. However, a racing game is […]

Assemblee assembled

So the first part of the Assemblee contest came to an end. A lot of excellent pieces were made by many artists. I felt really inspired after browsing through the giant collection of assets and made these here mockups using the most diverse pieces I could find. Note, many of the individual elements in these […]

Staying Motivated

Haha, oops. To anybody who reads this blog, don’t check the time stamp on this post. Thankfully, few posts does not mean work is not being done. Steph and I have been pretty busy working on our ‘Falling’ game. Its been a very long process and we are learning that it will be much longer […]

Too long?

It’s been forever since I last updated this place. I think that’s going to change now – starting with a new theme. Since I last posted, my life has radically changed. I’m now a long term resident of Japan. And with the change in location came a change in life perspective and ambition. That leaves […]

Rainbow Panda

Part of my campaign to bring more attention to the Open Pandora project, is to create an enticing identity package that helps define what the Pandora is. The rainbow motif is inspired from the stylings of the great 80’s consoles such as the ZX Spectrum or the Atari. Except for the few voices of pre-adolescent […]


Oh, that’s a bad title. So here is a render to feed the masses of Traylorpark followers. Me. Check out the full rez version here. Notable is the fact that the scene is now entirely UV’d and has preliminary solid masses of colors painted on the appropriate objects. The radiosity, while cool, is not yet […]

My (tentative) love for you, Pandora

So check out this little guy; he’s called the Pandora. It is an open source gaming platform from the future!  I have pledged my abilities as a 3D artist to the Pandora development community in an effort to garner the attention the unit deserves. I recently learned that if I wanted to buy a Pandora, […]


This here is my latest work in progress for Play’s head, Katherine Weider, has blessed my work with the best compliment I’m ever likely to receive: “…it looks handcrafted-but-not-really, as if you took soft women’s hosiery, dyed pea green for effect, wrapped them around cotton balls and then sent them through a parallel universe […]